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Bellesk™ Neck Heat & Pulse Therapy

Relax your neck instantly with heat & pulse therapy.

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.It uses heat and pulse therapy to mimic the feel of a real massage, providing fast and effective relief from tension, stress, and pain which improves neck mobility and gets rid of headaches.

The built-in heat pad helps to relax tense muscles, while the vibrating pulse function helps to improve blood circulation and reduce stiffness also featuring various massage modes and intensities to choose from.

The Bellesk Neck Heat & Pulse Therapy is easy to use, lightweight and rechargeable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Simply apply the device to your neck and choose your preferred heat and pulse settings to enjoy a soothing massage experience.

The adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit for all body types, and the durable construction ensures long-lasting use.


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How it works.

It uses heat and pulse therapy to stimulate your muscles. This creates a massage-like experience that reduces tension and promotes blood flow.

Fast, long-lasting relief.

It provides immediate relief from neck pain, muscle stiffness & headaches. Press a button and get back to the old you —as if pain never existed in the first place.

A tailored massage experience.

Equipped with 5 unique massage modes and 16 levels of intensity, It caters exactly to your needs. Which means it's more effective than painkillers and the best of all, it's 100% natural.

And it's seamless too.

It's great because it doesn't require time or effort. It takes seconds to put on, and you can keep working or doing the things you normally do.

It's lightweight so you'll probably forget that you have it on. And it's easy on the eyes —you can wear it wherever you like and it blends right in.

As easy as 1-2-3.

Wet your neck...

It works by sending pulses to your nerves, so your neck must be damp.

put her on...

Wear her around your neck and use the buttons to toggle modes & intensities.

and relax.

You're done! Let It take care of the rest while you enjoy a pain-free life.

Does It really work?

Absolutely! It uses EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology to simulate a massage experience. This combined with heat therapy helps reduce tension and promotes blood flow to relieve pain in your neck. In turn, this improves neck mobility and stops headaches.

Who can use It?

It can be used by anyone but if you are pregnant, have existing medical issues, use a pacemaker or other types of medical implants please refrain from using it and consult your physician first.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Just make sure you wet your neck with a damp cloth first, or you'll find it uncomfortable. In the case that you do find it uncomfortable, please discontinue use immediately.

Where can I use It?

It is portable so you can take it with you anywhere. You can use it while you work too. We advise that you don't use it while driving, bathing, or in wet / humid environments.

What if It doesn't work for me?

It is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just reach out to us and we'll take care of everything.